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How to get Minecraft April Fool's Day update in 2023

Minecraft's newest Easter egg addition, "Vote Update", is a fun and exciting update with random picks and surprises that make the gameplay.
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How to get Minecraft April Fool's Day update in 2023

Minecraft's newest Easter egg addition, "Vote Update", is a fun and exciting update with random picks and surprises that make the gameplay even more unpredictable. Decision-making is the main focus of this update, and player decisions have a significant impact on the overall course of the game.

With this release, Mojang has allowed players to make some of the long-awaited changes or improvements they love. , Beelloons (bees hover like balloons and fly to the top), French mode, zombie mode, bunny transformation, exploding pistons,  haunted environments and many other additions have been included into Mojang Studios' amazing collection of Voteable features.

To update to the "Vote Update" on all compatible devices, players must have access to the Minecraft launcher and the Java version of the game.You should always back up your world before applying an update because snapshots can corrupt the world. Run the image in a separate folder from your main world if desired.

Here are the steps to install the new update:

  • "Vote Update" installation steps for Minecraft:
  • Java Version   Open the Minecraft   Launcher
  • Make sure you have the latest version installed on your device.
  • You can check this by going to the launcher and searching for the version number. 
  •  Enable  snapshots from the "Settings" tab. Find the snapshot "23w13a_or_b". 
  • Create a new world and launch  snapshot and enjoy.   

After starting "Vote Update", players will receive 2-3 suggestions to choose from, which will change  10-15 minutes after being selected. Players can access a list of ongoing decisions by opening the GUI with the "V" key  and selecting multiple decisions to make the game more fun and random. The selections will take effect immediately and the rules of Minecraft will be changed.

Some of the features in this update include changing the size of monsters and players, changing the appearance of monsters, and allowing players to change different aspects of the gameplay. Players now have more power over their experience than ever before, thanks to the "Vote Update". The Moon Dimension is one such feature that allows players to go to the Moon and explore the damaged world without crashing,

where they can spot a new monster called "The Moon Cow".   Overall, the "Vote Update" is a fun and entertaining addition to Minecraft, giving players more choices. Some players can make their gameplay more flexible by making certain decisions. However, others can increase the difficulty by using enemies and dynamite blocks. This update is sure to bring players around the world countless hours of fun and enjoyment thanks to its focus on decision-making and many voteable features.


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