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Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course. Join 200,000+ students I have helped to MASTER Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads.
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[100% Off] Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course

Join 200,000+ students I have helped to MASTER Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads. This is the most comprehensive Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Course I have on Udemy. Supercharge your own business, make money as a Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Expert, work from anywhere as a freelance Facebook marketer, or land a highly-paid job.


"Tom goes into detail. He gives his heart out to his students. He shows everything he knows and hides nothing as he lectures. What I also love is his encouragement to his students. The positivity and energy he puts into the course is intriguing. Constantly saying we will reach for great success, we will be the best is extremely motivating. I am so glad he dived into bonus topics outside facebook, like website, video, and SEO. It's a bonus on this course. Thank you Tom and surely I will recommend you on other platforms." Otim

"It's so amazing all this course. I am really impresed on how Tom explained all this complicated stuff easily and clearly. He is not like others (''Fake Marketing Gurus'') outhere who they sold their image and luxury life. He is so prefessional and well updated person and cares about other students learning too. I will manage it for sure with Tomas courses. Thank you Tom" Evangelos

"Simply love this course! Tomas really knows a lot about the platform and I'm finding every time some new golden nuggets which I didn't know about before. Thank you so much for this course!" Dylan

"Extremely detailed course with step by step guide procedure to create effective ads. It even comes with actual case studies for all the methods used in the course. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to learn about Facebook Marketing to get this course! As a bonus, Tomas is extremely active in the Q&A section to answer all our doubts. Thanks Tomas!" Raymond

"This has been so far the best course I have studied on Udemy. Tomas regularly updates and tries to teach 360-degree Facebook marketing." Anurudh

"I decided to purchase this course to gain a new skill set during the quarantine and I have been extremely impressed. Tomas' teaching is very detailed and he covers a lot of ground in a sequence that reinforces principles and ideas that you absolutely need to know. In addition, I reached out to Tomas with a question and he got back to me with a detailed response in a timely manner. Highly recommend this course." Kevin

"I think this is a great course. In my opinion you get a lot of information about social media ads. Tom gives clear information and repeats it continuous to make you sure you fully understand it. New videos are also added frequently to make sure you are up to date with information. I had multiple questions throughout the course and Tom was always happy to help me. I really liked that as well. I paid €11,99 for this course with a special event from Udemy. I my opinion the €11,99 was well spent on this course! I played this course on speed 1,5x to get more fluent videos." Kane

"Hello to everyone. First of all I'd like to say thank you to Tomas he's providing very good content. I enrolled in this course maybe 2 months ago and I haven't finished yet because I work and study after work....I have learned a lot and understand why I wasn't successful when I first started Fb Ads for my shopify store last year but now I am more confident. This week exactly yesterday (10-03-2020) I signed my first contract $750 for a trial to be running Fb ads for a travel agency that was a suprised to me and I really hope I will provide good result to my client. Thank you once more to Tomas you are really doing hard work for us." Iawrence

“This is the only course you need. For Real, Tomas is delivering so much value, it's almost criminal! I have followed a lot of Facebook ads course, none of them made me feel confident like this one. Thank you again for this course! There is so much value, much more than in others that costs 997€!” Thomas

"AWESOME COURSE! When I started this course I did it only to promote the products I sell on Amazon. But I started to really like marketing thanks to Tomas. So now, one month later, I signed my first client last week for 800$/month that I will handle social media marketing for. And a meeting with potential second client booked! Did not expect that when starting this course, but it is truly awesome!" Jesper

"Tomas is passionate about Facebook advertising and he knows his stuff. Watch carefully, he is sharing exactly what works for him. He answers questions and goes above and beyond what you would expect from a teacher. I'm 10 videos into the course and I have my first client! I simply shared a little bit of the knowledge that Tomas shared and the client ASKED ME to help him with his marketing." Rory

"Great course for people who wants to learn and start practising from day 1. The teacher's attitude toward students is exceptional. Thanks Tomas" Mike

"Man, after years studying Facebook Marketing, your Udemy Supercharge course was the only one that worth the time investment. You're awesome, with great didatic! Thanks for sharing your view and knowledge." Erik

"My experience with this course is wonderful. I have learnt a lot even though I am still below 50 % completion. Purchase the course today and you will not regret it! With all love from Nigeria." Mars

"Tomas is a Gem. He has explained this course in detail. This is my first Udemy course which was so lengthy and detailed. Tomas is responsive and active to all the questions asked in the course. I really respect the knowledge he has in this field and the willingness to help others succeed. I love you Tomas! I will enroll for your other courses as well. Thank you!" Aman

When you enrol, you’ll learn the only tested, proven, and unbeatable way to WIN with your Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising. Learn from my most successful Facebook Marketing campaigns – follow the blueprints I’ll show you and use the same strategy to reap  profits from your Facebook Ads.  

Using clear video explainers, I’ll teach you both theoretically and practically how to create winning Facebook content targeted to the right people.  Then I’ll show you how to amplify your results using specific types of Facebook remarketing to bring in a consistent lead stream with Facebook – every time.

This course will make your Facebook Ads budget 100 % more effective! With my expert tuition you’ll understand the power of engaging Facebook Ads content and how to create it. Without grasping this fundamental principle your Facebook Ads will always underperform – I will teach you how to create Facebook winning content that magnetises leads.

If you’re looking to use Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketing, or Facebook Advertising – you’ll find it hard to discover a better investment on the entire internet than my Internet Efficiency award-winning strategy.  

Using easy to understand video presentations I’ll lay out real case studies you can use as instant blueprints to success. I’ve been developing my Facebook Marketing Master Strategy for more than 11 years now. By the end of this course you’ll know everything you need to succeed and profit from Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, & Facebook Advertising. 

Along the road to presenting this information to you, I’ve tested thousands of Facebook Ads campaigns & hundreds of Facebook targeting to arrive at a method that delivers consistent results that work – every single time. 

After seeing this Facebook marketing strategy, you won’t need to spend a penny on Facebook Marketing Courses - ever again. You’ll know Facebook Ads inside and out and will understand the Facebook Marketing algorithm (Facebook Score Relevancy) and how to use it to your advantage.

The great thing is, you don’t need any prior experience using Facebook Ads or any special skills to consistently get great results using my Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising Strategy.  The only thing you need to do is follow my instruction, so you gain a crystal-clear understanding of how Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads really work.

You’ll understand exactly how to use Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads 100% more effectively. If you’re prepared to work hard and apply the knowledge, I will teach you, you can enjoy prosperity using Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads.

I’ll teach you how to WIN at Facebook Marketing, including how to obtain a number one ranking position in Facebook search, plus, as an extra bonus, when you enrol in my Facebook Marketing Course, I’ll also teach you how to supercharge your Instagram marketing and gain new followers every day with zero effort.

You’ll also receive my guide to Facebook lead generation Ads that will get you a stream of new clients immediately! Even if you have no prior knowledge you can immediately learn how to master Facebook Marketing and start profiting from it. 

This is the No 1 Internet Efficiency Awarded Facebook Marketing strategy for Facebook Ads & Facebook Advertising – available to you at an unbelievable price.

And with my mobile optimised content and easy to understand material, you can study effortlessly anywhere - download our Udemy app via the Apple Store or Google Play and you can start learning my Facebook marketing strategies wherever you are – at any time of day!

This course is yours Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing strategical guide containing 72 Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Strategical Guides proven to ROCKET-FUEL yours Facebook Marketing performance.

From beginner to expert:

  1. New Facebook Ads Experience 2021

  2. New Facebook Creator Studio 2021

  3. New Facebook Business Page 2021

  4. New Facebook Business Manager 2021

  5. New Facebook Audiences 2021

  6. New Facebook for Business 2021

  7. Facebook marketing

  8. Facebook advertising

  9. Facebook strategy to decrease Facebook ads costs

  10. Facebook strategy to increase C-T-R rate

  11. Facebook relevancy score

  12. Facebook quality ranking

  13. Facebook engagement rate ranking

  14. Facebook conversion rate ranking

  15. Facebook video content MASTERY

  16. Customer journey on Facebook

  17. Facebook personas

  18. Facebook marketing trends

  19. Facebook BEST practices

  20. Facebook content strategy

  21. Facebook engagement strategy

  22. Facebook blueprints with score relevancy 10

  23. Facebook blueprints for real estate

  24. Facebook blueprints for new pages

  25. Facebook business page set up

  26. Facebook business page optimisation

  27. Facebook business page advanced settings

  28. Facebook business page appoitments

  29. Facebook competition analysis

  30. Facebook posts

  31. Facebook polls

  32. Facebook video polls

  33. Facebook jobs

  34. Facebook targeting

  35. Facebook pixel

  36. Facebook advanced pixel events

  37. Facebook remarketing

  38. Facebook retargeting

  39. Facebook dynamic retargeting

  40. Facebook dynamic collections

  41. Facebook advanced remarketing strategies

  42. Facebook lookalike audiences

  43. Facebook custom audiences

  44. Facebook insights

  45. Facebook local ads

  46. Facebook reach ads

  47. Facebook video ads

  48. Facebook music library

  49. Facebook engagement ads

  50. Facebook messenger ads

  51. Facebook messenger ads with lead forms

  52. Facebook messenger bots

  53. Facebook campaign budget optimisation

  54. Facebook lead ads

  55. Facebook dynamic ads

  56. Facebook catalogue sales ads

  57. Facebook catalogue feeds

  58. Facebook instant experience

  59. Facebook traffic ads

  60. Facebook conversion ads

  61. Facebook conversion ads optimisation with carousels

  62. Facebook business analytics

  63. Facebook business manager

  64. Facebook "most difficult ads" TO-DO lists in PDF, ODS & XLSX

  65. Facebook content creation resources in PDF, ODS & XLSX

  66. Facebook search

  67. Facebook copywriting

  68. Facebook & Instagram easy video creation (Facebook Video Toolkit)

  69. Instagram ads

  70. Messenger ads

  71. Chatbot marketing

  72. Careers & freelancing

Sign up for my course today and get my Internet Awarded Strategy for Facebook Marketing Success, and all my expert Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads knowledge PLUS:

 MASTER Copywriting for Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

 Create Magnificent Website on WordPress without any Coding!

Did you know that on Social Media video content gets shared 1,200 % more than any other type of content?

MASTERING VIDEO MARKETING is critical to your success as a Facebook Ads Marketer. Video content has the power to massively boost your brand, that's why I've updated this latest version of my course with a Master guide to professional Video Creation for FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM. This is exclusive, high-level content with input from an industry insider who has created ads for Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, and many other household names.

Learn techniques that will TURBO-CHARGE YOUR FACEBOOK VIDEO CONTENT MARKETING SKILLS this 2021 and experience an explosion of growth, new followers, sales and sign ups. Included in this invaluable guide are easy explainers and walkthroughs that help you:

✔ CREATE professional looking video

✔ LEARN tips, tricks, and insider video marketing and production secrets

✔ KEEP your videos smooth and clear sounding with DJI Osmo and Microphone

✔ CREATE magnificient videos with DJI Drone

✔ DISCOVER how to edit videos like an expert with Adobe Premier Pro

✔ FREE! Royalty music & LUTS you can use with your creations

✔ MARKET your video content effectively and achieve a huge audience and high number of shares, views, likes and click-throughs

✔ GET all of this and create VIRAL

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