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VIMAGE may be a cinemagraph creator app that allows you to animate your image and add many moving photo effects, presets, filters
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VIMAGE may be a cinemagraph creator app that allows you to animate your image and add many moving photo effects, presets, filters, and overlays onto your photos and switch them into creative living pictures or GIFs. Our photo editor allows you to share your art together with your friends and other VIMAGE creatives. Get instant exposure together with your animation,not just for photographers and experts!


Cinemagraphs are the newest trend for telling engaging stories about your life with picture animation. Animate your photos and share them with friends and your loved ones. VIMAGE is a gift winning cinemagraph animator tool with amazing capabilities: put creative, eye-catching 3D motion effects, parallax illusion, flow animation or overlays on your pictures. Animate your pics beautifully for slideshows or for visual marketing content. Create engaging moving pictures and live photos with ease, while having plenty of funWhether you're a photographer or simply an off-the-cuff storyteller taking pictures, VIMAGE will up your photography skills in no time.


Harness the facility of our sky replacement tool! Selecting, animating and changing skies was never this easy. Let the AI handle the diligence of choosing the sky, all you've got to try to to is choose between the 100 presets which sky fits your image best! With this tool you'll easily breathe life into your photos, change a dark sky into one from a sunny beach. It’s time to animate and make the simplest movie yet. Make it move with our presets and animations and make a living wallpaper!


  • - New AI-Sky feature: Sky replacement! Select, change, animate skies in seconds.
  • - 3D picture animation feature, which creates a parallax animation effect.
  • - Add custom sounds to your creations. Nature sound effects or music? It's up to you what you include in your live image!
  • - Tell your story with the new text tool. Add custom texts to your motion photo.
  • - Add up to 10* different fully customizable photo effects, presets, filters or overlays onto one photo.
  • - Export your images in top quality , up to 2560p!
  • - choose from the Flow or Stretch animator and make amazing motion photos!
  • - Crop your image or edit the colour , hue, brightness, and contrast of all effects and overlays to blend it in your original photo and make more realistic cinemagraph after effects.
  • - Choose an image from the built-in stock photo library or choose one among your own and make an animated picture
  • - Create live wallpapers and moving backgrounds from the liberal to use filters, animation effects and presets.
  • - With new feature idea contact us at: https://vimageapp.com/feature-requests/ We hear your voice and can attempt to implement all the entries!


Submit your best animation creations with presets to the in-app contests. Receive trophies from other users, and obtain featured within the official hot picks hebdomadally . you'll be one among our weekly artists.

Become a part of the ever-growing VIMAGE community.

Want to point out the planet your awesome live photo?

If you create something you’re really pleased with , make certain to feature the hashtag #vimage to your post once you upload your creation to your Instagram feed or other social media. this manner you've got the prospect to be featured in our aesthetic app and on our Instagram, and go viral!

We are constantly doing giveaways for our lovely users, so stay tuned!

Our live photo animator app is liberal to use. However, we provide different Pro packages for those that would really like to require their art to subsequent level:

  • – 1 Month Pro Subscription
  • – 12 Month Pro Subscription
  • – Lifelong package


With the professional version

  • – you don’t need to watch ads
  • – you'll remove the watermark
  • – you'll access all the vfx
  • – you'll render in top quality 
  • – you and add up to 10 photo effects