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Avira offers Phantom VPN at both free and paid tiers. The free service is restricted to 500 megabytes per month, but you get most of the equivalent features you are doing with the paid version. The three things the free version lacks are unlimited bandwidth, and online kill switch, and tech support.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro with a lively connection. Avira says it doesn’t collect any information from free users but we still recommend paying for a VPN especially since the monthly bandwidth is so limited.

Phantom VPN features a very basic interface that’s easy enough to use. If there’s one thing that users might find confusing it’s the way to select country locations.

When you first see the dashboard, you’ll notice at rock bottom it says “Virtual location:” followed by a link labeled “Nearest location.” If you would like to only use the VPN, click Connect, and Phantom VPN finds its closest server to you.

Click the link instead itself, however, and it takes you to an inventory of possible locations under Settings > Select virtual location.

Yes, this location list might be easier for users to seek out. I’d like better to see an outsized button that takes you to the list, or a menu within the center of the interface for selecting servers. One nice thing about Avira’s location list, however, is that it shows the ping time between you and every server location, which may help find the simplest possible location-supported speed.

Once you decide on a location, Avira connects thereto automatically. the color scheme of most dashboards then turns green, and it displays a running total of what proportion bandwidth you’ve used.

There aren’t plenty of additional features in Phantom VPN. There’s a choice to use the service’s kill switch under Settings > Block all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops. you'll prefer to launch Phantom VPN when Windows boots, but this is often not selected by default.

You can also specify that Phantom VPN should automatically connect when your device is on certain Wi-Fi networks. To use this feature, after you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network, attend Settings > Auto-connect VPN for Wi-Fi networks. You’ll see an inventory of all the networks your device has used. Now click the slider next to the network that you simply want to use with the VPN, and you’re ready.

Phantom VPN Pro costs $78 per annum for all of your devices, or $71.88 for an Android- and iOS-only subscription. The mobile-only subscriptions are paid via in-app purchase. you can download this pro version of Avira Phantom VPN.